A Heartfelt Gesture: Honoring Their Loved One’s Legacy

In a beautiful act of remembrance and generosity, Judy Orde has left an enduring mark of love in our community. Moved by the cherished memories of her beloved stepfather, Judy and husband Carl decided to commemorate his legacy in a special way.

With hearts full of love and gratitude, Judy recently donated tables, chairs, a bench and the gazebo for the outdoor patio at the Claresholm General Hospital. This thoughtful gesture not only enhances our outdoor spaces but also serves as a lasting tribute to the kindness and warmth Judy’s stepfather embodied.

Please take a moment to honor the memory of him and the love that continues to ripple through our community thanks to Judy and Carl’s heartfelt generosity. May these seats always serve as a symbol of love, community spirit, unity, and the enduring power of cherished memories.

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