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You can leverage Canada’s tax incentives. If you choose to make a gift to your favorite charity in your will you can significantly decrease your estate taxes and maximize your inheritance for your loved ones.

Our biggest tax bill is upon death.  Leveraging tax benefits will enable you to take care of your family PLUS create a gift in your will.  No matter how much money you have, you can leave a legacy gift that will impact your community for years to come.  You can leave a specific amount, specific percentage, or the remainder of your estate after other bequests and debts have been paid.

Philanthropists Marie & Gordon Burrows left a legacy gift in their Will to the Claresholm and District Health Foundation.  They inspired The Foundation to create an Endowment Fund.  The Foundation partnered with The Community Foundation of Lethbridge & Southwestern Alberta to create revenue annually to support evolving local health care in perpetuity.

A gift through life insurance provides a way for you to make a more substantial gift to the Claresholm and District Health Foundation than you might have thought you could afford, at a relatively low cost.

A charitable gift annuity is an attractive way to make a gift to the Claresholm and District Health Foundation and receive guaranteed income for life.  It is a gift that gives back.  It can be especially appealing to individuals aged 70 or older, who wish to make a gift to the Foundation and turn their taxable interest income from savings into substantially tax-free income.

Making a gift of stocks, bonds and mutual funds to the Claresholm and District Health Foundation provides a gift to support our local health services plus attractive tax advantages for you. Only a few years ago, most charitable gifts were made using cash. Donating mutual funds or appreciated securities of publicly traded companies listed on a stock exchange makes for a tax-effective way of giving.

A charitable remainder trust is a way to make a secure future gift to the Claresholm and District Health Foundation while retaining the investment income from the gift during your lifetime. If you have decided that you would like to give a substantial asset to support the Foundation but need the income that the asset generates, a charitable remainder trust has many benefits.

Generational family

Marie Burrows

Marie Burrows had Vision….

David & Jenny Hunt are Philanthropists.

In their working years, David and Jenny had their own business – David was an investment advisor and Estate Planner….

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